Published On Aug 26, 2021
By Luba Lesychyn

Light Streaming Through Stained Glass Window
Refracted Onto Ultrasuede Couch Cushion

A Nebulous Number of Days of Atomity and Memory

Bearable Being of Lightness

I believe the first time I became aware that humans are energetic beings is when I was introduced to Reiki by my yoga mentor, who also happened to be a Reiki master. When she started teaching this form of energy healing, I jumped on board as, at the time, I was transitioning into a seeker. So, I became a Reiki master myself. After completing the program, I did Reiki regularly with a friend, and I had a few clients over the years. But, for the most part, I restricted my Reiki practice to myself, friends, and family as needed.

Since then, while in search of healing from chronic health issues, I have encountered a plethora of different types of energetic healing modalities from acupuncture, reflexology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the Madhuri Method , the Mayson Method, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, and Eden Energy Medicine, and I have also worked with medical intuitives. I switched modalities over the years for a variety of reasons, from a practitioner moving away to someone recommending a system that had greatly benefitted them. I now recognize that we attract the kind of healing that we need at any given time or are ready to receive.

It was while working with some of these remarkable practitioners that I have been asked on more than one occasion whether I have ever considered the possibility that I was from another realm. The first time someone told me I was a light being, I was both intrigued and rattled at the same time. I was intrigued because I had often jested that the reason I had such extreme food sensitivities was because I was an extraterrestrial in a human body and that my digestive system could not process human food properly. But I was also rattled because I thought they were implying I actually was an alien from another galaxy. Clearly, I had seen far too many science fiction films, such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I thought if I mentioned what the practitioner had suggested to me to any of my friends or family I would soon be taken away by people in white coats and be put in a straightjacket. So, I tucked away this notion and didn’t talk about it to anyone.

It wasn’t until I heard this supposition of being a light being a second time a few years later by another practitioner that I felt the need to investigate further into what this all meant. First of all, a light being has nothing to do with aliens from another world. A light worker, to put it simply, is an energy existing in the universe that has ascended. This energy no longer lives in a physical body, it exists as pure energy. A light being on Earth is basically a light worker, someone who is here to help transmute darkness into light. They’re often people who have endured some hardship and / or trauma in their lives and have come to understand that challenges are not meant to break them. Instead, they view such difficulties as an opportunity for insight and healing which allows them to pass their wisdom and experiences to others.

When I started to understand this concept more fully, things started to resonate with me, my life’s journey began to make more sense, and the synchronicities became obvious. It wasn’t random that other light workers had been coming in and out of my life for decades and I, in turn, have been directing other people I know to these beautiful souls to find answers and healing that wasn’t being provided by allopathic medicine.

What has been more surprising to me this past year, however, is that I am now recognizing other light workers in my immediate world, though many are not yet ready to accept this information, in the same way that I had not been for decades. They are often people who suffer or have suffered from autoimmune disorders and have not been able to find answers to their mysterious physical conditions from Western medical practitioners. Although most of us are now familiar with disorders such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or chronic fatigue syndrome, many light workers are unwell with a group of symptoms that seem to be unrelated and which might include thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, suppressed immune systems, or digestive issues – and, to date, no one has yet attached a name to their collection of symptoms. And there are those that suffer with great anxiety or mental health challenges and cannot identify a source for their anxiousness or dysfunction that may also be latent light workers.

What I have come to deeply internalize is a scientific concept we all know to be true (unless, perhaps, one is a science-denier) which is that everything is made of energy whether a rock or a human. And, as energetic forms I, like my teachers, believe that when we become physically ill it is because our energetic balance has been disturbed. This is not to negate that there is nothing tangible happening in our physical vessel or that there aren’t chemical imbalances present. But this school believes that the manifestation of unwellness in our physical bodies is the result of energetic blocks or reroutings caused by emotional traumas one has experienced over the course of one’s lifetime, and / or previous lifetimes, or which may have been inherited from our ancestors. So, if we address these impediments with energy healing and work through our past emotional sufferings, our physical healing will be accelerated and long-lasting.

For this past year-and-a-half, I have been pondering more profoundly than ever my existence as an energetic being and I have been doing this by working with several energy healing practitioners, taking courses, and doing my own self-study. Meditation has also played a key role in my self-examination and burgeoning awareness. In particular, I have become cognizant that I have a form of clairaudience which involves being able to hear energy or, more specifically, energy moving or being released in my body. I hear a popping sound when energy is moving within me. I’ve been hearing it for decades, but the first time I connected it to some kind of energetic force was while receiving reiki treatments. Sometimes, the popping was so fast and intense, it was like hearing machine gunfire in my head. That hasn’t been a common occurrence, though I have also experienced frenetic ear popping while having acupuncture performed on me.

I very frequently encounter some kind of ear popping during any kind of energy treatment including when I perform a daily Eden Energy Medicine routine. I’ve also noticed more recently that I am becoming more sensitive to energy, in general. For example, as part of an earthing protocol I do when able, I include some tree leaning (literally leaning yourself against a tree) and I’ve started to hear popping occasionally when I prop myself against one of these natural wonders. I’ve also become aware that my immune system regularly wanes during a certain moon phase. But I’m still figuring things out in terms of how I can benefit from this awareness and whether it’s something I can use to assist others in some way.

There are other energetic occurrences to which I have become attuned over the decades as well, like seeing colours of the chakras when I am meditating or having an energetic treatment done on me, or even during a deep yoga practice. In addition, there are times when I feel my body vibrating – the first few times I felt the subtle quivering, I thought we were in the midst of an earthquake. This sensation comes and goes and I have yet to establish any patterns related to it. Again, I’m just trying to sort it all out.

In the past, I never had conversations with others about these matters. In our culture, we all just want to fit in, to feel like we’re normal. But these days in particular, I don’t know what the concept normal means anymore. We’re all such beautiful and individual beings. I used to fret that my friends and family would think I was strange, but I no longer care because I have witnessed the positive impact of being my authentic self. In the last few weeks alone, I have had three friends who do not know each other and whom I have not seen since pre-pandemic, who have shared how important my presence has been to them in their life, whether at a specific moment or over the course of our friendship. The comments were so random and unexpected, but touched me so very deeply. One often thinks one doesn’t make an impression on those around us – I have frequently felt that what I’m saying or the advice I am doling out is not being heard. Yet, hearing these cherished remarks from friends, yoga students, or even the occasional co-worker has opened my eyes to the fact that there’s ‘some kind of wonderful’ exchange going on.

Frankly, this has not always been the case. I spent my younger years being very self-absorbed. I was so wrapped up in myself and unaware that I was often mean-spirited. I can’t change the past, but I have made amends when the opportunities have arisen. And I do think I am on a different trajectory now and am of a changed mindset. There was one day, during my mother’s challenging final year on this plane, when my younger brother commented on my compassionate behaviour towards my mother and he turned to me and said, with such poignant sincerity, that I was an angel. That’s a term a brother with whom one is very close would use. However, at that particular moment, he’d forgotten how obstinate, impatient, demanding, obtuse, and righteous I can be. So, I would describe myself as a light-worker-in-training. I have much to learn, but I have some extraordinary teachers in my life, including the pandemic itself. I do know though that I can only be responsible for my own happiness and well-being, but perhaps finding my own joy and peace of mind and body is enough to light the path for others who walk beside me on this earth.